New York Family Sports - November Cover (Justin Tuck)
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Shot my second cover for NEW YORK FAMILY SPORTS, Pro Bowl Football player Justin Tuck. After game day he came out to support the kids of Yorkville Athletic Association and New York Family Sports.

Bistrouge Restaurant
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Have 14th Street Photography shoot your drinks on location!
New York Family Sports - October Cover (on location)
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I got an assignment to shoot a young Karate Kid on location. After taking a number of shots I got a number of images the magazine liked so much they decided to put one on the cover.
I had to deal with the challenges of light balance and imparting a sense of motion to the dynamic young man. Great technical challenges to deal with. The subject and his spar partner where great sports.

New York Family Sports - Brothers Article (my studio)
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New York Family Sports - Basketball Star (my studio)
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New York Family Sports - 5 Photos
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Haberdasher Theater Company
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I love working with Actors, so when I had 10 of them in (plus make up, director, and crew!) shooting was a blast. My studio is open to actors who need a place to rehearse, so I expect to see them more often!
Photography Studio Testing for PDN's Review of Nikon DSLR D3X
External Link: PDN Tests Nikon's Flagship DSLR D3X
Photo District News (PDN) comes to 14th Street Photography's studio to test Nikon's flagship DSLR the D3X.
Providing two models for the reviewer, he writes, "This new studio-oriented DSLR from Nikon may be priced high for the times but its image quality is drop-dead gorgeous." 14th Street Photography is proud to participate in PDN's premier camera reviews and the Nikon brand.

PDN "The Frugal Photographer", 14th Street Photography
External Link: Umbrella's and Reflectors from Creative Light reviewed by PDN
Photo District news writer Dan Havlik came over to my studio to test lighting equipment by Creative Light (

PDN article about setting up a $3,000 Studio
External Link: PDN $3,000 Studio
David DuPuy consults with Photo District News (PDN) reporter Dan Havlik in setting up a professional studio on a budget.

Coney Island USA 2009 Gala Fundraiser
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Coney Island USA 2009 Spring Gala Fundraiser was a perfect event for a portable "photo booth" to capture the unique performers and patrons at this fantastic event. Snake Charmer with a forked tongue, a beautiful fire-breathing sword swallower, a knife thrower, trapeze artist, a monkey couple, and more were all on display. Mix that with stylish and uninhibited supporters and you have a wild ride!

External Link: Bistrouge Restaurant's Food and Cocktails
Anokhi Vibe Magazine
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USA Brands Online
External Link: USA Brands Online
Photographer David DuPuy sets up studio for company who photographs and markets designer clothes online.
Milk and Honey Events
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The action on the floor was shot with a wireless flash system that enabled photographer David DuPuy to capture the event uniquely.
Little Ladies Club
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Defining pictures of the Princess in every little girl during a birthday.
BESL Adverstising Agency
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